Join us for a variety of topics dealing with “Life Recovery”

We all have to learn how to deal with the stressors, trauma, and drama of Life. Learn productive coping mechanism and skills. See full list of groups offered below. Lots of groups to choose from. Thursday nights 6pm Coffe & Welcome time.  Most Groups start 6:30 pm. Three groups have a 7 pm Start time. (AA-DDA- Women's Open Recovery)

  • Men's Open Group 12 Step (all addiction) 
  • Women's Open 12 (all addiction) 7pm
  • Winning the War Flesh -Vs- Spirit (Women)
  • Strength & Stretch Exercise class (Women)
  • LMW  (Over 18 / Co-Ed)
  • Winning at Work & Home Marriage group (Co-Ed)
  • Love Powered Parenting (Co-Ed)
  • Cancer Care (Co-Ed) every other week
  • Healing the Wounded Heart (Women)
  • Grief Share (Co-Ed)  
  • Overcoming Emotions That Destroy (Men)
  • Divorce Care & DC4K (Co-Ed)